About Us

At Via Cisterna dell’Olio, in the voluminous quarters, arranged over multiple levels, which still retain remnants of the ancient tanks where the oil was stored in Naples, the typographic company is based, founded in the mid-nineteenth century by Francesco Giannini and remained, generation by generation, a family business.
On the edge of one hundred and sixty years of work activity, Officine Grafiche Francesco Giannini & figli have been awarded by five gold medals for industrial excellence. They was co-founder of the Unione degli Industriali (Industrial Association) of the Province of Naples.

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The quality of typographical works has always been outstanding, artistically valuable, so much so that, in the early twentieth century, Padre Galiani d’Imola magnified the Giannini’s making in which “shines the beauty, art and sharpness.” The added value of this company is the great organizational and managing staff competence, keeping track of the work with smart commitment, allowing to come up with a good product at the delivery time.

Our Policy


Meeting the expectations of the clients through the continuous research of groundbreaking products and the constant attitude to quality and efficiency of the services.


Foster the culture of the respect of the environment, promoting a sustainable use of forest resources by eco-friendly methods, adopting the use of FSC certified products


Assure the gratification of the Staff, involving it in the fulfillment of the corporate mission, giving the right motivation and rewards in order to achieve widespread participation.


The Executives consider carefully the training and certification of all workers, as well as keep on the channels of communication that enable the appropriate flow and analysis of information, so as to facilitate the governance and enhancement of all processes included in the Sistema di Gestione di Qualità (Quality Management) and FSC.


Upkeep the workplace and the machinery used at a high level of innovation and service to ensure the safety of the workers by minimizing the risk of injury.


Provide the implementation of fast-track procedures for the resolution of customer’s complaints.

Our Clients